Harnessing the Power of Emotion-Focused Therapy with LMFT Jonna Tamases

At Jonna Therapy, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) Jonna Tamases utilizes Emotion-Focused Therapy (EFT) to help clients understand and harness the power of their emotions. Jonna believes that our emotions are crucial signals about our needs and provides a supportive environment for clients to explore and process their feelings.

“Emotions are our internal guides,” says Jonna. “By identifying and fully experiencing our emotions, we can navigate life’s challenges more effectively and build deeper, more authentic relationships.”

Emotion-Focused Therapy involves helping clients identify, experience, and understand their emotions. Jonna assists clients in recognizing the underlying needs that their emotions signal, fostering a deeper understanding of themselves and their emotional responses.

Through this process, clients learn to process challenging experiences and develop a stronger sense of authenticity. EFT helps individuals connect with their true selves, promoting emotional resilience and healthier interpersonal connections.

Jonna’s approach is empathetic and non-judgmental, providing a safe space for clients to explore their feelings. By validating clients’ emotions and guiding them through the process of emotional discovery, Jonna helps them achieve personal growth and healing.

In therapy sessions, Jonna supports clients in developing the skills to manage their emotions constructively, leading to improved emotional well-being and more fulfilling relationships.

Emotion-Focused Therapy at Jonna Therapy offers a path to deeper self-awareness, emotional empowerment, and genuine connection with others. Jonna’s compassionate guidance helps clients transform their emotional experiences into opportunities for growth and healing.

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