Embracing Trauma-Informed Care with LMFT Jonna Tamases

At Jonna Therapy, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) Jonna Tamases offers trauma-informed care, recognizing the profound impact that overwhelming experiences can have on your life. Jonna provides a safe and trustworthy space where clients can explore their traumas and begin their healing journey.

“Trauma-informed care is about understanding and respecting the unique experiences of each individual,” says Jonna. “I strive to create an environment where clients feel safe, seen, and heard.”

Jonna acknowledges that trauma affects everyone differently and stays acutely aware of each client’s cultural, historical, and gender identities. This holistic approach ensures that therapy is tailored to the unique needs and backgrounds of each individual.

In trauma-informed therapy, Jonna collaborates with clients to empower them and help them regain control over their lives. By focusing on building trust and fostering a collaborative relationship, Jonna enables clients to share their stories and find their voices.

Through this process, clients can develop resilience and coping strategies to manage the effects of trauma. Jonna’s compassionate and supportive approach helps clients feel validated and understood, promoting healing and personal growth.

Trauma-informed care at Jonna Therapy is designed to help clients reclaim their sense of self and move forward with confidence. By addressing the root causes of trauma and providing tailored support, Jonna guides clients towards a path of empowerment and recovery.

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